Uber Launching All New 1000 Electric cars in India…

uber launching all new 1000 electric in India

Uber was planning for electric cars to help the ecosystem. Nowadays the pollution is a major problem and many countries are suffering from it .and uber is going to launched  1,000  electric cars in India .uber has selected few cities for his electric cars and cities are Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune these are five cities which are selected by uber .the new electric cars will be powered by “Lithium Urban Technologies “ and this company is the partner of uber in this new project .the electric car will be available for hiring a uber’s premier and rental service but we don’t know that uber will allow the user’s(customer) to select an only electric car

Uber aforesaid “we planned to extend the electrical cars by 2,000 in the next twelve months. The company is planning to make all ride 100% emission-free by 2040, in US, Europe and Canada it’s trying reduced the global warming by bringing the electric cars and the rate is fair Uber is charging 1$ (around 73rupees).and the customer can add 50 cents extra to it when they book a “green trip”. The company said it will invest $800 million (Indian rupees 5,893 crores)

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