LPG gas cylinder set OTP option for delivery

LPG gas cylinder set OTP option for delivery

There is news for families using LPG cylinder gas. Oil corporations square measure bobbing up with a replacement of delivery system from 1st November . If you fail to implement this new delivery system, you may face problem in ordering your gas cylinders. Companies supply LPG at your doorsteps could even wait your order and you would possibly not get cylinder delivery. Know that gas cylinders will not be delivered without OTP Oil corporations
Oil corporations have set to execute new delivery system to stop thieving of gas cylinders and establish real customers
This new process has been named as Delivery Authentication Code (DAC).Now, home delivery of gas cylinders are going to be confirmed through OTP from November 1, 2020.You won’t be ready to take gas cylinder from deliveryman while not confirming OTP According to the market data, currently solely booking a gas cylinder will not guarantee its delivery. Going forward, customers will receive OTP on booking of gas cylinder you may need to share this OTP with the deliveryman once he comes up along with your order. Once the code is confirmed with the system, solely then you’ll take delivery of your booking. Oil corporations can 1st introduce DAC in one hundred sensible cities known by the govt of India. a pilot program in 2 cities are already below reach introduce the new system.

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