Disha Encounter: New angle surfaces as parents claim accused a minor

Human rights commission.

The nation-wide sensation has seen a new angle in the accused’s encounter. According to Police Commissioner Sajjanar, the prime accused in the encounter was Mohammed Arif, 26 years old while the others are 20 Years old. However, according to the parents of the accused, it is not true and they claim that two of the accused are minors based on their dates of birth. It was reported that their parents had informed the Human Rights Commission during Inquiry. The parents of the accused appear to have questioned the police regarding their son’s encounter.

Officers have collected Aadhaar cards and school bonafide certificates to verify the claim. According to the documentation, the date of birth of an accused was August 15, 2002. Accordingly, he was 17 years and six months. However, the Aadhaar card was registered as 2001. The date of birth of another accused is 10 April 2004. That means he is only 15 years and 8 months old. This has cast doubt on the age of the accused. Mohammed Arif, on the other hand, claimed during investigation that the accused were lorry drivers. The police released a statement initially saying all the four were lorry drivers. However, the accused do not have a driving license. This is raising tensions among the police as the encounter is subjected to an inquiry by the Human rights commission.


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