Chalo baba ka Dhaba viral video by Raveena Tandon, Suniel, Swara bhasker

Chalo baba ka Dhaba

An old man who is running a small eatery business is running in the Delhi, Due to corona pandemic, no one is buying food from his hotel and can’t afford money for his business and emotionally cried as he was not able to earn minimum profit to survive his life. The video becomes viral after it been promoted by the celebrities Raveena Tandon, Suniel, Swara Bhaskar and shared their views to visit the hotel and have food to help the poor old man, Raveen Tandon shared a tweet that whoever visits this place will share those pictures and messages from her Social media account. It is located in Randeep Hooda to Chitrangada Singh who will pass by this way requests people to have food. And the clicked video has been promoted in social media netizens were trending it and the celebrities are sharing it. Celebrities like Swara Bhasker were suggesting to support for Small businesses people with taglines Vocal for Local, Show heart and Let’s go the hotel “Dilli Chalo baba ka Dhaba and to have Matar paneer curry in Malviya Nagar.Chalo baba ka Dhaba


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