Arjun Suravaram Movie Review:A Worth Watching Film For the Students

Arjun Suravaram review

Mirchipataka rating: 3/5


Arjun Suravaram featuring Nikhil and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles finally released today after facing a lot of obstacles for the past six months. The movie opened to very positive reviews all around the world. Directed by TS Santosh this film is a crime thriller drama with good doses of action. After the well-hyped speech by Megastar Chiranjeevi at the pre-release event, this film has set a lot of expectations in the public. It is safe to say that the hard work of the team finally paid off.


The film is about an investigative journalist Arjun Lenin Suravaram, who is an honest and passionate journalist who is hell-bent on resolving social issues is wrongly convicted for swindling banks with fake certificates. He learns that many others are convicted for the same reason and a crime syndicate is behind the scam. He decides to go toe to toe and take down the dangerous counterfeiting racket behind the crime. How he resolves the crime and proves his innocence forms the crux of the story.

Technical Aspects

BGM for the film is one of the major highlights and music director CS Sam made sure it is powerful. Special mention is needed for the cinematography department. Especially during the action scenes and twist plots, the cinematography has been very effective. 


The Debutant director Santosh has remade his own Tamil movie Kanithan as Arjun Suravaram. The Tamil original performed poorly at the box Office and deemed a Flop and Santosh has failed to modify the screenplay properly. Editing by Naveen Nooli could have been better as in a thriller genre the predictability should be minimized.


The first half moves with unnecessary sequences and songs and there’s nothing in particular that interests the audience. Though after the conflict is established and the second half has some interesting scenes, there’s too much predictability due to the outdated content. Except for Nikhil’s performance, Sam CS music, and few scenes, there’s nothing exceptional in this outdated action-packed remake that doesn’t even match the original. 

It is a one-time watch social entertainer.




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