Apple released New Software Update for iPhone and Apple watch

iOS 14

Recently in Apple Event, they launched New iPad air and apple watch series 6 and today Apple released new software iOS 14 updates for iPhone and watch os7.0 for Apple watch it’s a massive jump for Apple because it changes the Experience of Apple user’s

iOS 14 

on iOS 14 Apple added plenty of new features lets talk about some of them its First time in iOS apple

Widgets: added widgets to the home screen for adding a widget you have to touch and hold the screen and after a few second you can see a plus(+) sign on the top left side on your screen Tap on it and choose your favourite widget and added it on your home screen not only this you can also add stack means if you want more widgets but its covering rest of the screen then you can add 2-3 widgets in widgets means in single widgets you can use other widgets too

Home Screen Trick: in-home screen now, you can quickly switch between one-page to another-page just by 3D-touch or haptic press the page dot at bottom of the springboard and it will highlight over and you can go over really quick and get the haptic feedback

App Library: The App library this is a massive feature in iOS 14 as well this new feature brings a new look on a screen just slide right after the last page app library will there all Apps will in folders According to the categories  

Hide Apps from Home Screen: Now you can hide the Apps on your home screen just simple touch and hold the App an option will popup showing remove the app .it will remove the app from the home screen and move to the App Library

Control centre: in Control centre there is a new option added Home Pod Now you can simply add your control centre now it’s much easier

Back Tap: This is an interesting feature in iOS 14 now you control your iPhone from tapping back of your iPhone on Apple logo in this we get two option Double-tap and triple tap you can customize the feature added you need for this Actions

New incoming Call UI: finally Apple released new UI for incoming Calls now Small Toggle will appear on Top and doesn’t take the whole screen while you’re working on something or playing a game just swipe up and after you have done just click on the top left side of your screen to Answer or Reject it. If you don’t like it you can change it Go to settings then phone after going incoming calls and select Full-screen

FaceTime and Video PIP: FaceTime Picture-in-picture is newly added while you’re talking on Facetime now simply swipe up and use other Apps whiling Talking with your friend if you don’t want video running on screen can swipe it Also works on Video open safari play video and swipes up comes back to the home screen and video will play in Picture-in-picture

Siri: Now Siri doesn’t take the whole screen now just say “Hey Siri ‘’or use a physical Button and New UI will appear on Screen with New Buddle Animation

Camera:  Now we Setting for priorities faster shooting new option in setting this feature intelligently adapt image quality when rapidly pressing the shutter button and you can shoot image 90% fasters then previous version and Now you can change the video Quality and Frame rate right in camera on the right side in top .to enable this first turn-on this option in setting video Format control just turn this on and also we got now Exposure just swipe up in the camera

Performance: iPhone is well-known for its performance and now with new Update iOS 14 the devices are more improved Animation is faster and touch response is also improved

Battery Life:  Battery Life is most important whenever there is a new update in iPhone And Now iOS 14 the battery life is also improved compared with the previous version

Watch OS 7.0

Sleep tracking: Now your apple watch will track you’re Sleep, count. You can set your wakeup time and bedtime in your health app by iPhone. when the alarm goes off your watch will give haptic feedback on your wrist

New Watch Faces: New faces added in Watch OS 7 and now can customization options change slightly and you can use your crown button to change the colours and design Now Complication can also be changed you can

Battery Health:  Now we also get New Nice feature in watch OS 7 now apple watch will also show battery Health of your Watch just like iPhone battery health and Optimized Battery charging option is also added in watch .people who are suffering from battery problem in there watch now they can replace it by seeing its batter health

Notification: This is new Update by Apple for watch OS 7 Now you will not get a notification while using iPhone and also Announce Message

Hand wash Alert:  Watch can Recognize your detect motion in your hand and start 20 seconds Timer

Stay Tuned for more updates related to Apple only at Mirchipataka


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